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Member Walls & Other Ways to Build Community in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are often home to a variety of professionals, including freelancers, remote workers, teams, and independents. The question of how to build community in a coworking space is solved by prioritizing community building and engaging with members about their preferences. You could also put resources and events together that facilitate community engagement between members. These are nine ways to get the ball rolling!

1. Create a Member Wall

Putting up photos of your members, with their name and business is an easy way to set a tone of community in your space. It also encourages members to connect with one another, and can make the space feel more lively!

2. Host Networking Events

Networking events allow professionals to connect with one another. These events don't have to be boring or predictable; you can shake things up. Try a speed networking event, offsite networking, breakfast networking, or other interesting ideas. Members becoming familiar is always a positive thing and can lead to opportunities.

3. Involve Members in Decision Making

When possible, involve the members of your coworkers in decisions that will affect them. For example; what kind of coffee do they want? What events should we host? What color should we paint the walls? Not only will more opinions be helpful, it will make members feel more actively involved in decisions within the coworking space, leading to a greater sense of community.

4. Introduce new Members to the Community

It can be a bit overwhelming to be a new member in a coworking space. There are a lot of different groups and organizations within coworking spaces, and a new member may be unsure of where they fit in. Introducing new members around during their first week or two can help break the ice and make new member feel more welcomed in the community.

5. Schedule Social Events

Occasional social events can lead to more community building and bonding. It's a good idea to ask for input on what type of events should be planned. Fun and interesting social events can lead to members feeling a greater sense of community.

6. Create an Accountability Group

Members regularly meeting to share what they're working on can create a feeling of mutual support and hold members accountable for what they're working on. Accountability groups can motivate members to proactively work on projects and ideas that they may otherwise put on the backburner. This can take the shape of informal check-ins or part of an organized system.

There are a lot of ways to build community in coworking spaces, and it's worthwhile to take action if you work or manage a coworking space!

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