• Julia Reis

5 Important Customer Interactions you should Capture Online

If you have a website, app, or social media channels for your business, keeping track of customer engagements is useful for making adjustments and improvements. The experiences customers have with your business online potentially determines whether or not they will choose to spend money with you in the first place. The following 5 insights will be useful for improving your online presence.

1. Calls to action

A call to action is a marketing term for any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.These have an obvious correlation to engagement on your site, since they represent the actions that you want your customers to take.

2. Cross-platform visits

In today’s world, people visit your site from multiple devices. For example, someone might find your site from their work computer, check it out again on their phone, and later from their tablet. Being able to recognize that all three of those visits are the same person makes a huge difference for understanding customer interactions. For example, this information can convey which platforms convert best.

3. Repeat Purchases

Being able to identify repeat visits and purchases helps you understand how valuable each customer is to your business. By gathering a complete view of customer identity, you can understand how repeat purchasers interact with your site and how you can improve their experiences and convert them at a higher rate.

4. Specific customer segment experiences

Customers from specific geographies, age groups, company sizes, and more may have different impressions of your site or app. Understanding your audience and creating specific experiences for those specific types of customers can lead to increased engagement.

Incorporating customer feeback and running A/B test is also useful, but the most effective way to deliver the best customer experience is by tracking how customers behave on your site at an individual level.

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